Welcome to the “New Normal after Brexit”: New Perspectives for Anglo-German Academic Cooperation


The DAAD Competence Centre for International Academic Collaborations (KIWi) is hosting a virtual expert discussion on UK-German university cooperation after Brexit on Monday, 22 March from 16:30 - 18:00 (CET).

The United Kingdom (UK) exited the European Union on January 31, 2020. The framework conditions have fundamentally changed with the UK's withdrawal from the Erasmus+ programme and its retention in the programme Horizon Europe. Nevertheless, British universities will remain a very attractive partner for German students, researchers and universities in the future.

DAAD President Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee invites renowned experts from British and German universities as well as Universities UK International to discuss the impact of a "New Normal after Brexit" on UK-German academic cooperation.

Am Puls des Silicon Valley

Eric Lichtenscheidt/DAAD

DAAD President Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee.

Together with Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Feichtner (Vice President International and Diversity of the University of Bremen), Ruth Krahe (Director of the DAAD London Office), Prof. Sally Mapstone (Rector and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St Andrews) and Vivienne Stern (Director of Universities UK International), the following key questions will be discussed:

  • Are universities on both sides prepared for the altered framework of academic cooperation?
  • Were the EU higher education support programmes pivotal for UK-German higher education cooperation? Or has the importance of the EU funding for both student as well as researchers‘ mobility been highly over-estimated, at least for the UK side?
  • Does the UK’s continued participation in Horizon Europe mean that all is well?
  • After the end of the Erasmus+ programme: What effects are expected on the German and UK side especially with regards to the promotion of young academics?
  • Which strategies UK and German Universities could apply to continue or expand their successful cooperation within the new framework?

"We need to show the UK universities that we continue to see and support them as important and reliable partners. For more than 40 years, German universities have built very close ties with excellent universities in the United Kingdom. We observe that both sides want to continue to maintain and strengthen this good cooperation." so Ruth Krahe, Director of the DAAD London Office.

 „Es darf keinen Stillstand geben“


Ruth Krahe, Director of the DAAD London Office.

The 1.5-hour event will be held in English. The expert discussion will be live streamed and recorded for later publication at www.daad.de/kompetenzzentrum.

Online participants are invited to join the discussion via chat. You can register for free participation here.

Dr. Fangfang Xu (9 March 2021)