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Europahaus IV - Kleine Mantelgasse Kleine Mantelgasse 24 • 69117 Heidelberg

About half of the residents of the "Europahaus" buildings are German students, while the other half are short-term students from abroad who only stay in Heidelberg for three to ten months German residents are expected to show social commitment and willingness for mentoring and supporting the students from abroad.

Students from abroad are not able to apply for the "Europahaus" buildings, only students enrolled in programmes that are suggested by the foreign students offices are accepted.

Location: Historic centre. University, Student Services (cafeteria, administration) nearby, many pubs and bars. The noise level in the historic centre is generally higher. Some rooms are less bright.

This is the smallest student residence: There are only nine rooms in three-person flat shares on three floors. Some top floor rooms have loft beds. All rooms have telephone and cable TV connection. Large French doors open up to the courtyard of "Gustav-Radbruch-Haus".

Year of construction: 1995
Three storeys without lift


Studierendenwerk Heidelberg


9 Places

Rent deposit

450 EUR

Duration of housing

The minimum rental period is one semester. Shorter rental periods are not possible. The residence period is limited so that as many students as possible can find affordable accommodation. This means all rental contracts are temporary, with the basic residence period being six semesters. However, you can extend your rental contract by another four semesters (ten semesters in total) in the following cases:
- by contributing to the residence (see special functions)
- for disabled or chronically ill students
- for students with families
- if you have an imminent final exam (confirmation needed)

Internet access


TV connection


Shared facilities

All the facilities of the neighbouring "Sibley-Haus" and "Gustav-Radbruch-Haus" can also be used.

Special deals for international students

There are tutors in many Heidelberg student union halls who are responsible for looking after international students. Please find more information here.

Special deals for students with children / families

Around 5% of students in Heidelberg are parents. Since the end of the 1960s, the Heidelberg student union has offered all-day childcare to make sure that their children are well looked after whilst their parents are busy concentrating in lectures. Children in Heidelberg receive loving care starting from eight months to school age; in Heilbronn until they are three. The amount parents pay monthly is graded, in all daycares, according to gross income. You can find application forms in the InfoCenter, from daycare managers on-site, at nursery management or online on the homepage.

Additional information

Pedestrian zone, no parking facilities, it is not possible to keep a car/apply for a parking or driving permission

Last update: 08-2022

Room in three-person flat share


Size: 18-25 square metres
Features: furnished, linoleum floor, cable TV, telephone connection in every room


214 up to 231 EUR / month



Standard application procedure

Application requirements

Eligible to live in residents are students of the
- University of Heidelberg
- the University of Education
- the University for Church Music (Hochschule für Kirchenmusik)
- Heilbronn University
- Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach
- University for Jewish Studies (Hochschule für jüdische Studien)
- Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Heilbronn
as well as examination candidates of these higher education establishments, as long as they can, according to the relevant regulations, be called on to pay fees.

You can apply without already having matriculated or receiving a letter of admission: however, you must be prove your student status at the latest four weeks after you have moved in. If you fail to do this, you are not eligible for accommodation and so your rental contract will be terminated immediately and without a notice period.

Application deadline

There are no set application deadlines. Applications should nevertheless be sent in by 15 July for the winter semester and by 15 January for the summer semester, because these are the dates when the housing-office starts to allocate rooms and send out contracts. Students who send in late applications have less of a chance of obtaining housing and will have fewer options to chose from.

You can apply at the earliest nine months before you wish to begin a rental. Applications become void six months after they are received. However, before the six months are up you can send a written confirmation and the application will then remain valid for a further six months.


You can apply online.

Erasmus students

The application for Erasmus students, which will be sent to you by the International Relations Office, allows you to request a room in a student residence. Information on whether a room has been reserved for you will usually be available at the International Relations Office, about one month before the start of the semester.

Due to the high number of ERASMUS-exchange students and the limited number of rooms in student residences, it is unfortunately impossible for the International Relations Office to offer a room in a student residence to all ERASMUS-exchange students. This applies, in particular, to the winter semester.

Students from partner institutions/cooperation programmes

The International Relations Office cooperates with the Studierendenwerk to secure rooms in student residences for international exchange students coming to Heidelberg.

As part of the online application for "Mobility online", you can decide whether you want to have a room in a student residence or you search for a private room by yourself.

Additional information

Admission generally proceeds on a first-come first-served basis.
Priority treatment goes to cases of hardship, e.g.: low income, illness or disabilities. A case of hardship must be proven in writing (e.g. disabled person's pass, proof of parental income, BAföG assessment, etc.). Please send documents to the following e-mail address:
You can find more information here and here.


Europahaus IV - Kleine Mantelgasse Kleine Mantelgasse 24
69117 Heidelberg

Tel. +49 6221 54 35 68

Operator: Studierendenwerk Heidelberg Contact via email Visit website

Nearest stop/station (public transportation): Universitätsplatz, Marstallstraße: bus 31, 32, 33

Last update: 08-2022

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