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Wohnprojekt Wassertorplatz Kohlfurter Straße 2/4, Erkelenzdamm 45/47/49 • 10999 Berlin

This project in the middle of Kreuzberg dates back to 1977. Students and residents of Kreuzberg got together in this STUK (Students and Kreuzberg residents) project, which offers accommodation ranging from one- to ten-room flats.

The buildings provide a total of 43 accommodations as well as several commercial-use areas. The angular construction with its glass towers and walkway along a flattened ridge is distinguishable from the neighbouring buildings from afar. A green house (70 m²) is located on the roof and a combined heat and power unit in the cellar.

Within the scope of this project, several old buildings at the Wassertorplatz, which were originally destined for demolition, were renovated with a major self-help component, and a new form of cohabitation of students and non-students was developed. The students were included in the renovation and reconstruction work at an early stage.

The Student Services rent 13 of the flats in this building to students, after a selection process involving representatives of the other residents of the facility and the Student Services.

The demand for apartments in this Wohnheim is very high and significantly exceeds the offer.


Studierendenwerk Berlin


51 Places

Rent deposit

One and a half times your monthly rent

Duration of housing

As a rule students can stay up to ten semesters in a dorm. In compliance with the contract type, the minimum period of residence is three months.

The period of occupancy can be extended by up to four semesters for foreign students, students with chronic illnesses or physical or mental impairments, single parents, for students close to finishing their degree and for part-time students.

Internet access


TV connection


Shared facilities

Washing machines, hobby rooms, recreation rooms, sauna

Recreation and culture

Landwehr Canal and summer resort Kreuzberg in the immediate vicinity

Special deals for students with children / families

Parents initiative child day care centre

Additional information

To be invited to the casting, you must have already applied for housing through Accommodation Portal of the Studierendenwerk Berlin, your application must be active and you must have residence eligibility according to the guidelines for renting housing with the Studierendenwerk Berlin.

The choice of tenants is exclusively made in interviews. The remaining flat mates make the decisions concerning separate rooms. Applicants with the earliest application date will be informed about current selection interviews.

Single apartment


Size: 34-35 square metres
Equipment: private shower and WC, private kitchen, partially furnished
The rent includes electricity and other operating costs.


295 up to 365 EUR / month



Single room


Size: 10-23 square metres
Equipment: partly furnished, up to six residents share kitchen and bathroom/WC
The rent includes electricity and other operating costs.


225 up to 295 EUR / month



Standard application procedure

Application requirements

You can apply if you are a student at a public university or college in the Federal State of Berlin or a student at an officially recognised private educational institution in the Federal State of Berlin who pay student union dues. Apart from that, you can apply if you are an international student currently studying at one of the universities as part of a state-run or university-intern exchange or specific study programme.

Certificate of admittance or of enrolment from one of the Berlin Universities or colleges as well as the receipt of payment of the semester fee are needed.

University members and post-doctoral students are only eligible for accommodation under certain conditions set out in the allocation guidelines.

Under the allocation guidelines, students on work placements and trainees are eligible for accommodation but have lower priority.

Application deadline



Only online applications via the Accommodation Portal are accepted.

Single parent students and their kids and students suffering from chronic conditions or physical or psychological handicaps will be given a preference. Should there be equal applications for one living unit, the application with the earlier date will be chosen as a rule.

DAAD/KAAD scholarship holders

DAAD/KAAD scholarship holders please contact the DAAD/KAAD. Approximately 50 rooms can be allocated to DAAD/KAAD scholarship holders each year.

Exchange or programme students

Only a very limited number of dormitory rooms is available for exchange students. Shortly after the application deadline, TU Berlin will give you the opportunity to apply for one of these rooms. For this purpose, the International Office will send you an e-mail with information about the particulars of the dormitory application.

Students of the TU Berlin are accommodated in the dormitories Sewanstraße, Coppistraße, Siegmunds Hof and Hubertusallee.

Ms Vinci
Tel: +49 30 31 42 46 96
Mr Reupke
Tel: +49 30 31 47 14 64

If you do not receive a quota space from your Berlin university, due to non-availability, you have the option to apply via the studierendenWERK's website with your proof of your enrolment, proof of payment for the semester and your passport.


Wohnprojekt Wassertorplatz Kohlfurter Straße 2/4, Erkelenzdamm 45/47/49
10999 Berlin

Tel. +49 309 39 39 81 84

Operator: Studierendenwerk Berlin Contact via email Visit website

Nearest stop/station (public transportation): Kottbusser Tor (U1, U8)

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