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Lise Diplomasi from a 12-year general education secondary school

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For Turkish general education schools, a differentiation is made between 11-year and 12-year degrees which offer students different options to accesses higher education institutions.

All Turkish schools (including private grammar schools) generally issuing final certificates with the "12-year degree" status are specified in a table that can be found at anabin under "Institutionen/nach Institutionstyp/zwölfjährige allgemeinbildende Gymnasien".
From 2009 onwards, all graduates of general education grammar schools in Turkey have completed 12 years of school. The recommended proposals for the "Lise Diplomasi einer 11-jährigen allgemeinbildenden Sekundarschule" (Lise Diplomasi of an 11-year general education secondary school) thus only apply to certificates granted until and including 2008; the same applies to the list "Zwölfjährige allgemeinbildende Gymnasien" (12-year general education grammar schools) under "Institutionen".

"Imam Hatip" degrees are always considered to be 11-year degrees, even in cases where 12 years of school have been completed.

"Anadolu" certificates are always considered to be 12-year degrees, even in cases where only 11 years of school have been completed. Note: Anadolu Imam-Hatip Lise degrees are verified on a case-by-case basis.

Ösys Belgesi Your selection:*
2018: with a score of 180,000 or more in the AYT test

When and with which score did you complete your higher education entrance examination*) in Turkey?

*)It is important that you submit that side of the code card stating the allocated place of study and the number of points achieved with your application.

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no periods of study

Have you already studied successfully at a higher education institution in Turkey*)?

*)You are required to have studied as a full-time student at a state or state-recognised higher education institution according to the given study regulations. You are furthermore required to provide a summary of the subjects and marks of your academic studies with your application.

Your possibility of admission:

With your educational background, you qualify for direct subject-restricted admission. This allows you to apply directly to a German higher education institution for academic studies in the subject area of your higher education entrance examination and related subjects.

Requirement: You have to have been assigned to a four-year Lisans/Mühendis/Bachelor's degree course at a faculty in an on-campus programme.