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High School Diploma

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*)Please be sure to always submit an "official transcript of records" of the school or higher education institution with the application, clearly providing information on your subjects and marks as well as your periods of study.

**)This is a degree of academic studies lasting at least 4 years effectively completed as a full-time student at a state-recognised or regionally-accredited higher education institution according to the given study regulations. Admissible Bachelor‘s degrees are the following: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and vocational Bachelor‘s degrees (such as: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Engineering etc.)

High School Diploma

It is obligatory for your High School Diploma*) to be acquired after continuous attendance of the classes 9 to 12 at a US High School and to comprise a total of 16 "academic units" in the forms 9 to 12:
- 4 units (3 units are sufficient for 11 forms) English with a minimum grade C: English IV or Honors or AP English,
- 2 units Second Language,
- 3 units Social Studies,
5 units in total Mathematics and Science:
- 2 or 3 units Mathematics with a minimum grade C: Algebra II or Trigonometry and Precalculus,
- 2 or 3 units Science with a minimum grade C: Biology, Chemistry or Physics,
- 2 academic units free to choose.

Does your High School Diploma include all of the “academic units" specified above?

*)A GED (general equivalency diploma) issued by individual states in the US is not accepted.