Information on the programmes offered by other funding organisations in Germany that are presented in the DAAD Scholarship Database

The DAAD has compiled the information on funding opportunities, besides the DAAD's own programmes, that are available to foreign students, graduates and postdocs on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The selected programmes must be largely of an academic nature, which means that we have not included programmes that are exclusively intended for artists or that do not require any previous academic training; programmes that provide internships or practical training only have also not been included.
  • The selected programmes must be intended for a sufficiently large target group, which means that programmes for applicants from only one or only a few universities or strongly specialised academic disciplines have not been included.
  • Furthermore, the selected programmes must award a relevant number of scholarships or grants, which means, as a rule, at least ten.
  • Interested students must be able to apply personally and direct for the programme in question.
  • The considered target  groups range from students through to postdocs. Other academic funding programmes for experienced academics can be found in the Funding Database of EURAXESS Germany.