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Programme Description

In line with its statutes, the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German Academic Scholarship Foundation) supports the university education of young people who, because of their exceptional academic or artistic talents and personal qualities, can be expected to make an outstanding contribution to society as a whole. Doctoral candidates can apply for a doctoral scholarship together with their supervisor.
Doctoral scholars receive 1,550 EUR a month, health insurance grants and additional family and childcare allowances are also possible. Doctoral scholarship holders who travel abroad for research, laboratory visits or a conference attendance can apply to receive grants for travel and living expenses as well as tuition fees.
Applications are welcome from international candidates who have been accepted to a doctoral programme at a German university where the thesis will also be submitted.

Target Group

highly qualified PhD students with a commitment to social causes

Academic Requirements

  • The last academic degree should have been completed no longer than 4 years prior to submission of the application.
  • The doctoral candidate has been accepted for a doctoral programme at a German university where the thesis will also be submitted.

Number of Scholarships

Every year, about 350 doctoral students are newly admitted to the funding programme.


Funding can be granted for 3 years. A 6-month extension is possible upon individual request. The maximum funding period is 42 months. Doctoral students with children can be funded for up to 54 months.

Scholarship Value

  • grant amount of 1,550 EUR a month, comprising a basic monthly stipend of 1,450 EUR and a research allowance of 100 EUR a month
  • Scholars can apply for a contribution towards the costs of health insurance, amounting to 50 percent of documented costs to a maximum of 100 EUR a month. This contribution is available to scholars whose health insurance is not covered by employment (for example in research and teaching).
  • Family and childcare allowances are available for doctoral scholars. Further funding for childcare can be provided through a reallocation of scholarship funds from the final, 4th, year of funding.
  • Scholarship holders may pursue academic employment corresponding to a 25-percent part-time position, allowing further integration in the research context.
  • Doctoral scholars who travel abroad for research purposes, laboratory visits or to attend conferences can apply for grants for travel and additional living expenses.
  • Holders of doctoral scholarships are supported by an adviser in the Studienstiftung’s office and a personal tutor at their home university, who follow their academic and personal development and offer guidance on issues relating to their scholarship and doctoral research.
  • participation in doctoral forums
  • range of academic programmes which include summer academies, short conferences and seminars on professional development as well as events planned by scholarship holders or offers from the alumni network

Application Papers

The Studienstiftung expects:

  • an exceptionally challenging and innovative scientific dissertation project that can be completed within a funding period of 3 years
  • appropriate supervision of the project and the doctoral candidate with a view to finalising the project
  • successfully completed studies showing commitment and above-average marks
  • a sustained commitment beyond one's own interests during the doctoral or study phase as well as a broad spectrum of interests beyond what is professionally required
The assessment process takes place in two stages: In the first stage, the pre-selection, the Studienstiftung checks whether the formal conditions and the Studienstiftung's requirements are met. This is followed by the assessment round (by means of a specialist report and an interview report). As soon as both reviews are available, the application for funding is discussed and decided upon at the next meeting of the Selection Committee for Doctoral Candidates. This committee meets four times a year. The selection process takes about 4 to 6 months on average, but can also be shorter or longer depending on the individual case.

Application Deadline

An application is possible at any time, there are no deadlines.

Application Requirements

  • The last academic degree should have been completed no longer than 4 years prior to submission of the application; exceptions to this can be justified by pregnancies or proven prolonged periods of serious illness or incapacity for work. The 4-year interval should make it possible to complete preparatory services such as professional training (e.g. following a law degree or teaching degree) or vicariate before applying for a doctoral scholarship.
  • If the doctoral programme is carried out at a German university, citizenship does not matter. In justified cases, doctorates abroad can also be funded; this presupposes that the doctoral candidate has German citizenship or a university entrance qualification acquired in Germany.
  • Previous holders of scholarships from the Studienstiftung or the Max Weber Programme Bavaria may apply for a scholarship to participate in the academic programmes for doctoral students, without taking advantage of financial support for their Ph.D. The selection procedure is the same for all applicants. If funding for the doctoral thesis has been awarded by another funding body, this must be terminated at the latest 6 months following receipt of funding approval from the Studienstiftung; otherwise, the funding offer will expire.
  • Part-time doctoral degrees cannot be funded. During the period of the scholarship, Ph.D. candidates commit to concentrate fully on their dissertation; parallel study on a taught degree or professional training programme (for example for lawyers, teachers, psychologists/psychotherapists) is not compatible with the scholarship.
  • Doctoral studies undertaken parallel to a medical degree are not eligible for the doctoral scholarship programme; support is offered for these projects within the framework of scholarships offered by the Studienstiftung for taught degree programmes.
Previous membership of the Studienstiftung is not a requirement for the doctoral programme.


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Please also take note of our important scholarship information.