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Please note: The DAAD finances this scholarship programme from federal public funds. Unfortunately, the financial resources to fund this programme are no longer available for 2022 due to budget cuts. Therefore applications cannot be submitted in 2022. We hope that we will be able to run the programme again next year.

This study programme is designed for students and graduates and aims to help them improve their knowledge of German (general language) and their knowledge of German culture and country.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to students in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes as well as doctoral candidates in any subject area; Bachelor students must have completed at least two academic years when the scholarship period starts.
Students in the last year of a Bachelor programme are eligible to apply if they continue their studies in a Master's degree programme shortly after completing their BA. Please submit a letter of confirmation from your university as proof.]

What can be funded?

The programme funds attendance of language and area studies courses that are offered by state or state-recognised German universities and by affiliated language schools.
Click here to find out about course providers and course programmes.
The courses are exclusively taught in German.

Duration of the funding

  • up to 6 weeks
  • The grants are not extendable.
  • The courses start in January and end in February at the latest.


  • Course Tuition fee
  • The DAAD will transfer the tuition fee to the course organizer on your behalf.
  • If applicable, a scholarship installment in the amount of 450 EUR* per month.
*depending on the possibility of standardized payment via an international bank account (Standard International, SEPA or Western Union); scholarship holders will receive corresponding information in the letter of award on whether a scholarship installment in the amount of 450 EUR per month will be paid.


A qualified selection committee will review all applications.

The most important selection criteria are:

  • previous academic achievements
  • convincing letter of motivation for choice of study programme and subject

What requirements must be met?

The grant holder must be at least 18 years old when he/she starts the online course.
Applicants must be registered at a university of one of the programme-related countries (except Germany) at the time of application as well as during the online course.
Each scholarship holder will be considered once in three consecutive years, for a DAAD University Winter or Summer Course Grant.

Language skills

  • Applicants must be able to follow lectures in German and collaborate in German language teams.
  • Applicants must generally prove the minimum language level of B1.
  • German language skills must be proven at the time of application. As proof, the result of the online language test indicated below will be accepted, exclusively. Please note that other test formats will not be accepted. Applicants have access to the online test between July 19, 2021 and August 31, 2021 (CET - Central European Time) under the following link:
    • Click here to access the online language test. Please have your DAAD personal identification number (PKZ) ready.
    • Your DAAD-PKZ is an 8-digit number beginning with a 9. You will receive this personal identification number when you submit your application via the DAAD portal.
    • Therefore, please submit your application via the DAAD Portal first. Then take the online language test by August 31 (CET - Central European Time) at the latest.
    • Please note that you can take the online language test only once.
    • Please note also that it is NOT necessary to upload the language test results in the DAAD portal. The test results will be communicated automatically to the DAAD department in charge.
    • The result of the language test only entitles you to apply for a scholarship within the DAAD Winter Course Programme.
    • Practical guidance for the language test

Application documents

Certificates, proof of credits, certifications and translations may be submitted in non-authenticated form. The DAAD Head Office in Bonn reserves the right to request authenticated copies of the submitted documents at any time during the application procedure.

Documents to be uploaded to the DAAD Portal

  • Online application form
  • Full curriculum vitae in tabular form (in German)
  • Letter of motivation (in German)
  • For Bachelor students: Copy of school leaving certificate with grades (with German or English translation)
  • For Master students: Copy of the Bachelor's degree certificate (with German or English translation)
  • Proof of credits for all university examinations (with final grades) incl. explanation of grading systems (with German or English) translation
  • Other documents you think might be of relevance to your application (e.g. proof of placements, certificates of employment)


Please submit your application online through the DAAD Portal. After having submitted your application via the DAAD portal, you can take the required language test.

Application deadline

Please note: The DAAD finances this scholarship programme from federal public funds. Unfortunately, the financial resources to fund this programme are no longer available for 2022 due to budget cuts. Therefore applications cannot be submitted in 2022. We hope that we will be able to run the programme again next year.

Please note

In the application form, applicants are asked to specify three courses they wish to take. Applicants are requested to fill in all spaces and indicate three different course locations. The DAAD will do its best to consider the applicants´ preferences when the final decision about assigning course places is taken.
Please note: For each course, the number of available places is limited. Thus the DAAD reserves the right to assign alternative options if an applicant´s preferences cannot be met.
After receipt By submitting your application documents in the DAAD portal, your course preferences are set. Further re-prioritization will not be accepted.
Only complete applications that are submitted in time will be considered.
Ownership of all submitted documents including appendices, samples, etc. shall pass to the DAAD.
Original documents are not returned to applicants. Data relating to applicants is saved by the DAAD in accordance with the Federal Data
Protection Act and with the EU Data Protection Regulation insofar as this data is needed to process the application.

More detailed information

  • Click here to find out about course providers and programmes.

General information on the application via DAAD portal

You can access the DAAD portal by clicking "Application portal" at the end of the page. Here you will find an online application form in which you can enter your application data.

This is what you have to do:

1. Register in the DAAD portal (Read notes about registering in the portal >>)

2. Applying online in the DAAD portal (Read notes on applying in the portal >>)

  • Download and complete the online application form
  • Prepare application documents
  • If necessary, translate documents (unless they are already in German or English).
  • Scan paper documents (except references) and save in PDF format. Please note that you can only upload PDF files to the portal.
  • Upload the completed application form and the other application documents to the portal in PDF format. Translations, if applicable, should be uploaded together with the PDF-document issued in the original language.
  • Submit the uploaded application documents online.


Information for applicants from non-EU countries:
Please remember to specify the exact contents of your postal consignment in the documents for the customs authorities, e.g. "Application for a scholarship with application documents, a reference and a DVD with work samples (no commercial goods, no merchandise value, no insurable value)".

Please note:
If you have any technical questions or problems your local information and advice centres could not help you with, please do not hesitate to contact our technical Portal hotline: +49 (0228) 882-8888 or via e-mail, open every weekday from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm (CET).
Please consider this when you are planning your application.


Status: Undergraduates
Doctoral candidates/PhD students
Country of Origin:
Only specified

The scholarship for this programme is restricted to certain countries of origin. You can find an explanation for this on the details page of the scholarship programme under the application requirements.

See list

Applicable to the following disciplines:

  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Law, Economics and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics/Natural Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine/Agriculture, Forestry and Nutritional Science
  • Engineering
  • Art, Music, Sport
Further application requirements »
Please also take note of our important scholarship information.