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Extension of deadline to 4th July 2024

The overall objective of the programme is to provide Myanmar’s next generation with education and training opportunities with the specific objective to enhance options for mobility for students to the ASEAN member states. EMPM will award scholarships to Myanmar students to complete transfer degrees at universities in ASEAN.

The EU Mobility Program for Myanmar (EMPM) is an EU-funded project implemented by a consortium of DAAD, Campus France and Nuffic. The overall aim of the program is to create educational and training opportunities for Myanmar's next generation, with a particular focus on improving mobility options for students. In the EMPM, the DAAD awards scholarships to Myanmar students to study at a university in the ASEAN countries.

Who can apply?

Enrolled students with Myanmar citizenship who were unable to continue their higher education pathways since March 2020. (Earlier years of studies are not eligible.)

What can be funded?

Candidates can apply for the same/equivalent subject area as their current major, offered by the participating universities in ASEAN, as long as they can be successfully completed during the scholarship period. Bachelor's and Master's studies can be funded.

Duration of the funding

Funding is provided up to 31st December 2026 and initially awarded for a maximum of one year. Extensions depend on whether the selection committee considers the previous award period to have been successfully completed.


  • International travel allowance (paid in two instalments) including student visa/permit fees (if any)
  • Tuition, university, and insurance fees (if any)
  • Monthly scholarship of 500€


The selection procedure consists of a paper-based review and a personal interview. The scholarship applications are reviewed by a selection committee. Shortlisted candidates will be required to introduce themselves personally during an (online) interview.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic qualifications (GPA)
  • Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction (English)
  • Potential of the candidate to obtain a degree at the chosen host university in ASEAN.
  • Willingness to contribute in a positive way to the development of Myanmar society.
  • Motivation, non-academic criteria such as previous professional experience and skills, civic and social engagement, etc. will be considered as part of the selection process.

Further information

If you are interested in the programme, please contact:
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Regional Office in Hanoi for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam
Vietnamese – German Centre (D2C)
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
No. 1 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Ms. Mai Pham
Tel.: (+84) 868-922-592 or (+84) 934-675-822)

List of EMPM University Network (regularly updated)

What requirements must be met?

  • Candidates must have Myanmar citizenship.
  • Candidates must be final-year students (Undergraduate) or have successfully completed one year (Master’s) at their home university. They must be able to complete their studies at the host university within the scholarship period (by 31st December 2026 at the latest).
  • Candidates are currently not awarded any other scholarship or funding.
  • Candidates are encouraged to apply to more than one EMPM Partner University and indicate their preference (1st, 2nd, etc.) in the application form.

Language skills

Fluency in English (an official certificate or language test might be requested at a later stage by EMPM or the host university).

Application deadline

4 July 2024
(Interviews are scheduled in the week of 8 July 2024)

Application documents

  • Application form
  • A complete academic transcript (in English language) stating credit points obtained, incl. marks for individual courses taken at the home university.
  • Letter of Admission (LoA) from the host university which can prove that the candidate is/will be enrolled at the chosen EMPM host university. The letter must also state how many more semesters (or credit points) must be obtained to graduate from the chosen study programme. We strongly recommend applying to several EMPM universities to increase the chance of success.
  • One Letter of Motivation: Applicants should provide a detailed explanation on when and why candidates left their home university or why no access to higher education was possible. They should also explain in detail why they are unable to continue their studies. It should also be explained how they will contribute in a positive way to the development of Myanmar society, incl. stating what they intend to accomplish with their studies as well as their overall career goals after graduation (approximately 2,000 words).
  • Copy of the national registration card (NRC)
  • Copy of a valid passport, and;
  • Copy of the official household list documentation with information on the members of the family or household issued by the respective Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (MoLIP) Township Office.
  • Proof of English language skills (if any)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Recent Passport-format Photograph

Please note

Applications have to be submitted exclusively to the DAAD portal.
Applications submitted through other channels or to other authorities will not be considered.

The DAAD portal closes at 24.00 hrs. Central European Summer Time (CEST) on the last application day.
Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their applications are complete.
Please note that the "Application portal" tab in the scholarship database only appears while the current application period is running. Once the application deadline is expired, the portal for this programme is not accessible until next year’s application period.

Information and advisory centres

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Regional Office in Hanoi for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam
Vietnamese – German Centre (D2C)
Hanoi University of Science and Technology
No. 1 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Ms. Mai Pham
Tel.: (+84) 868-922-592 or (+84) 934-675-822)

More detailed information

List of EMPM University Network

General information on the application via DAAD portal

You can access the DAAD portal by clicking "Application portal" at the end of the page. Here you will find an online application form in which you can enter your application data.

This is what you have to do:

1. Register in the DAAD portal (Read notes about registering in the portal >>)

2. Applying online in the DAAD portal (Read notes on applying in the portal >>)

  • Download and complete the online application form
  • Prepare application documents
  • If necessary, translate documents (unless they are already in German or English).
  • Scan paper documents (except references) and save in PDF format. Please note that you can only upload PDF files to the portal.
  • Upload the completed application form and the other application documents to the portal in PDF format. Translations, if applicable, should be uploaded together with the document issued in the original language.
  • Submit the uploaded application documents online.

Please note:
If you have any technical questions or problems your local information and advice centres could not help you with, please do not hesitate to contact via e-mail.
Please consider possible processing times of your request when you are planning your application.

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Please also take note of our important scholarship information.