International Programmes 2021/2022

CiM-IMPRS PhD Programme in Life and Natural Sciences CiM-IMPRS PhD Programme in Life and Natural Sciences

University of Münster • Münster

In cooperation with

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine

Teaching language
  • English

English 100%

Programme duration
6 semesters
Winter semester
More information on beginning of studies

1 October

Application deadline

March/April, see:

Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Combined Master's degree / PhD programme
Joint degree / double degree programme

CiM-IMPRS is jointly run by Münster University's Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre (CiM) and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine.
The programme offers interdisciplinary approaches to biomedical research with a strong emphasis on imaging. PhD projects range from the analysis of basic cellular processes to clinical translation, from the generation of mathematical models to the development of new imaging-related techniques and compounds. The programme is searching for excellent students who hold a Master's degree in Biology (or related fields), Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics.

Research areas:
Cell and molecular biology, developmental and stem cell biology, vascular biology, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, in vivo imaging, high resolution optical imaging, biophysics, chemical biology, label chemistry, mathematical modelling, and more

Course organisation

Each student in the programme has an individual advisory committee, which consists of the principal doctoral adviser and additional mentors. The mentors will monitor the student's academic progress, offer guidance and support in all questions regarding the course programme and scientific work, and provide access to the available research infrastructure.
The graduate school offers a limited mandatory scientific programme and an extensive voluntary curriculum in scientific and transferable skills training.

Course-specific, integrated German language courses
Course-specific, integrated English language courses
Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Semester contribution

Social semester fee of 303.52 EUR per semester, including a semester ticket covering public transport for the greater Münster area and the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

You can find more information on the semester fee:

Costs of living

We recommend that students budget at least 900 EUR per month to meet personal expenses (accommodation, living, health insurance).

Funding opportunities within the university
Description of the above-mentioned funding opportunities within the university

PhD students will receive work contracts with an annual gross salary of 22,950 to 29,800 EUR.

Academic admission requirements

Master's degree or equivalent (e.g., German "Diplom"), in life sciences (e.g., biology, biochemistry, biotechnology), physics, chemistry, mathematics or a related field
(If in doubt, please enquire.)

Language requirements

No English language test is required. Language skills will be evaluated during personal interviews with selected candidates.

Application deadline

March/April, see:

Submit application to


As in all popular university cities in Germany, accommodation is in high demand and is not easy to find in Münster – but it’s not impossible either!

Our International Office team will assist you with your search. Please also note that the University of Münster (just like most public German universities) does not have its own student halls of residence.

Structured research and supervision
Research training / discussion
Specific specialist or non-specialist support for international students and doctoral candidates
  • Accompanying programme
  • Visa matters
Support programmes for international students

We are often able to provide initial accommodation. If this is not possible, we actively help with finding accommodation.

University of Münster

With about 44,000 students and 5,700 academics, the University of Münster is one of the largest universities in Germany. It enjoys an outstanding reputation in the region and far beyond for its excellent research opportunities, high-quality teaching and promotion of junior researchers. Fifteen faculties with 120 degree programmes and some 30 research centres comprise the institutional backbone of the university. Besides its academic opportunities, the University of Münster offers a wide and varied range of extracurricular activities. Follow your interests in the student societies, the university theatre, the choirs, orchestras or bands, the sports courses, and visit the university’s museums and gardens.

University location

Münster is located in north-west Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands. The city is a lively student town, famous for its bicycle-friendly atmosphere and student pubs. Of Münster's total population of approx. 320,000 inhabitants, over 60,000 are students at the different universities. Münster is a thriving centre of science and academia. It is a great place to live, learn and teach.