International Programmes 2021/2022

Master of Arts in Integrated Design Master of Arts in Integrated Design

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences • Dessau-Roßlau

Master of Arts (MA)
Teaching language
  • English

All courses are held in English.

Programme duration
3 semesters
Winter and summer semester
Application deadline

Summer semester: 31 October
Winter semester: 30 April

Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Combined Master's degree / PhD programme
Joint degree / double degree programme

The Department of Design in Dessau has established a progressive educational model reflecting the historical values of the Bauhaus.

This MAID programme (Master of Arts in Integrated Design) incorporates the essential design disciplines with the creative subjects of communication design, product design, and space as well as audiovisual and digital media. They are brought together through rigorous fundamental training and interdisciplinary problem-solving. These integrative components form the contour of the Master's programme.

With the theme "creating relations", the emphasis of these design disciplines is freshly applied. This international programme focuses on the development of intercultural competences, using the synergetic power of a working environment with students from various countries and cultural backgrounds. Students can focus on particular areas via interdisciplinary projects. A high level of media competence is required in all semesters. Projects are based on both practical and experimental research. The systematic approach to problems and the creative development of individual solutions are emphasised.

The MAID programme suits a three-semester curriculum. Building a bridge between our "Intermediales Design" Master's programme (language of instruction: German) and our international Master of Integrated Design (language of instruction: English), we offer even more interdisciplinary studies and more interactive classes between the two programmes.

The curriculum is based on an interlinked structure that allows an education in essential design fields - creating comprehensive knowledge, methodic diversification, and creative specialisation. Throughout the course of study, product design, communication design, and media design are the main fields, accompanied by supporting design disciplines.

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Course organisation

The programme consists of different kinds of courses.
Inter-linked studio project (main course): comprehensive project work related to progressive methods to achieve applied and strategic design solutions

The Studio Module is the centre of the MAID courses. Under a principal topic, progressive research and creative methods are applied to complex design projects in order to develop strategic and relevant design solutions.

The Elective Module offers complementary courses to the studio class and focuses on applied and advanced technologies, experimental approaches or fundamental skills.

The Expertise Module includes specialised workshops, excursions, synchronising classes to gain further qualifications or courses offering professional competences such as teaching and management skills, etc. Design Sciences introduce scientific and theoretical discourses and reflections corresponding with the design projects.

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International elements
  • International guest lecturers
  • Language training provided
  • Study trips
  • Integrated study abroad unit(s)
  • Training in intercultural skills
Integrated study abroad unit(s)

Students are able to participate in exchange programmes with our partner universities.

Course-specific, integrated German language courses
Course-specific, integrated English language courses
The course of study can be taken entirely online
Digital learning and teaching modules
  • Virtual classrooms
Description of e-learning elements

E-learning elements are a valuable addition to in-class seminars. During the time of the pandemic classes are offered also in hybrid mode (on campus and online). As long as the pandemic restricts travelling, students are able to participate entirely online.

Participation in the e-learning course elements is compulsory
Can ECTS points be acquired by taking the online programmes?
Can the e-learning elements be taken without signing up for the course of study?
Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Semester contribution

86 EUR

Costs of living

Approx. 500 EUR

Funding opportunities within the university
Description of the above-mentioned funding opportunities within the university

The university offers a limited number of scholarships after the second semester.

Academic admission requirements

Minimum qualification:

  • BA degree in Design or a related discipline (product, communication, media, interior, architecture, environmental design, etc.)
  • Relevant experience in design or a related field is strongly recommended but not restrictively necessary.
  • A portfolio showing design-related work is necessary for the application process.
Language requirements

English language minimum:
IELTS 6.5 or C1 or comparable

You may also apply if your score is lower.

Proof that the language of instruction for a previous degree was in English waives the necessity of an additional language certificate.

Application deadline

Summer semester: 31 October
Winter semester: 30 April

Submit application to

All international applicants have to apply using uni-assist. Please visit the following link to access the application information:

Possibility of finding part-time employment

The university itself is currently not able to offer jobs. However, there are numerous options in the city to apply for part-time jobs. Language tutors are in high demand. Non-EU students should be aware that student visas entail strict regulations regarding work.


Accommodation near the campus is offered by the "Studentenwerk Halle" (Student Services). The "Studentenwerk" works together with the university, but it is an independent institution. In order to reserve a room, the application should be sent as soon as possible.

Student Services runs on online application portal for student housing. Only online applications are accepted, and they must be submitted here:

Apartment and room shares are also available, but it will take time and effort to find something appropriate, so please plan ahead. No guaranteed accommodation is available.

For further information, see:

Career advisory service

The school has an active career service that supports the students as well as alumni.

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The university is located near the Bauhaus on a small campus right outside the main train station. Workshops, a cafeteria, studios and lecture rooms as well as seminar rooms are equipped with up-to-date technology.

University location

The city of Dessau-Rosslau is rather small, with about 95,000 inhabitants. It offers a rich cultural and shopping infrastructure. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites Bauhaus Dessau and Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm attract many visitors every year and give the city an extraordinary landscape with gardens, parks, and lakes.