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Doctoral Programme in Buddhist Studies Doctoral Programme in Buddhist Studies

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München • München

Dr phil
Teaching language
  • German
  • English

Participants can choose to write their doctoral dissertations in either German or English. Supervision meetings, etc., can also be held in either language.

Colloquia, workshops, and all mandatory events are held in English.

Courses (not mandatory) are held mostly in German; some are held in English.

Full-time / part-time
  • full-time
  • part-time (study alongside work)
Programme duration
6 semesters, 7 semesters, 8 semesters
Winter and summer semester
Additional information on beginning, duration and mode of study

Some additional information concerning the above-mentioned information:

  • The programme duration is up to the individual student. We aim for a duration of three or four years.
  • In principle, the programme requires a full-time commitment, but in individual cases, part-time attendance is also possible. In this case, the duration of the programme will usually increase.
  • Some elements of the programme might occasionally be held online, but you cannot participate in the programme on a strictly online basis.
  • You might also apply later than 1 June or 1 December, and we can see if it will work out for you to start and be enrolled in October/April in that case.
Application deadline

1 June (to start in October), 1 December (to start in April)

Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Combined Master's degree / PhD programme
Joint degree / double degree programme

This doctoral programme focuses on the interdisciplinary study of Buddhism in its many forms within its historical, cultural, and social context. It is offered by the Centre for Buddhist Studies, which is comprised of faculty members from the departments of Chinese Studies, Indian and Tibetan Studies, Japanese Studies, Study of Religions, and Philosophy of Religion.

Additional support is offered by the GraduateCenter.

Course organisation

The PhD programme offers a structured, research-oriented three-year doctoral study course in a specially designed curriculum. Intensive supervision as well as elements providing conference and teaching experience are also part of the programme. Additional support on administrative matters and personal skills development is offered by the LMU GraduateCenter (

Part-time studies are possible.

A Diploma supplement will be issued
International elements
  • International guest lecturers
  • Integrated study abroad unit(s)
  • Specialist literature in other languages
  • Language training provided
  • Projects with partners in Germany and abroad
  • International comparisons and thematic reference to the international context
  • Content-related regional focus
Integrated study abroad unit(s)

Study abroad units are encouraged.

Special promotion / funding of the programme
  • DAAD
Name of DAAD funding programme
Graduate School Scholarship Programme
Course-specific, integrated German language courses
Course-specific, integrated English language courses
Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Semester contribution

Basic fee of 75 EUR + additional fee for the Deutschland-Ticket


Costs of living

Living costs (including accommodation and health insurance) in Munich are about 1,000–1,200 EUR per month.

Funding opportunities within the university
Description of the above-mentioned funding opportunities within the university

We may be able to offer two scholarships a year. LMU Travel Grant, LMU Completion Grant

Academic admission requirements

Academic admission requirements include an excellent degree ("Magister Artium", "Diplom", "Staatsexamen", Master of Arts [with thesis], "Maitrise", "Laurea", etc.) in Buddhist studies, the study of religions, (Asian) cultural studies, or (Asian) philosophy. In exceptional cases, an excellent BA degree can also be accepted.

Language requirements

Language requirements include sufficient knowledge of English and, depending on the dissertation project, German (or willingness to study German intensively) and an Asian language relevant for the study of Buddhism.

Application deadline

1 June (to start in October), 1 December (to start in April)

Submit application to


The International Office helps visiting academics, PhD students, and postdocs who are travelling to Munich for a set period of time to find accommodation.

For further information, please visit the following link:

Rooms in shared flats are popular on the private market and priced at 400-600 EUR per month.

Structured research and supervision
Research training / discussion
Support for international students and doctoral candidates
  • Accompanying programme
General services and support for international students and doctoral candidates

Other support programmes include support by the coordinator of the programme and semester meetings. The International Office offers a support and integration programme to assist international students, doctoral candidates, and postdocs at LMU Munich.

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