International Programmes 2019/2020

IT Engineering (MSc) IT Engineering (MSc)

Fachhochschule Wedel University of Applied Sciences • Wedel (Holstein)

Master of Science in IT Engineering
Teaching language
  • English

The Master's programme is conducted in English only.

Programme duration
3 semesters
Winter and summer semester
More information on beginning of studies
October (winter semester) and April (summer semester)
Application deadline

31 August for the winter semester
28 February for the summer semester

Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Additional information on tuition fees

Master's studies full-time
Fee per semester for semesters one to three: 2,010 EUR (EU citizens)
Fee per semester for semesters one to three: 2,430 EUR (Non-EU citizens)

Students may study part-time upon request. The fee will thus be reduced by half accordingly.

One-off processing fees to be transferred in advance:

95 EUR (EU citizens)
150 EUR (Non-EU citizens)

Combined Master's degree / PhD programme
Joint degree / double degree programme

In the Master's course IT Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, you will acquire advanced skills in computer science and engineering. You will receive further tuition in the fields of algorithmics and dynamical systems. Special emphasis is placed on distributed systems, IT security, medical engineering, robotics, embedded systems, technical optics, and modern production methods. Some courses are electives, so that you can either focus more on computer science or more on systems engineering.
Our Master's programme enables you to carry out scientific work and provides you with deep theoretical and analytical skills. You will acquire techniques that enable you to solve complex problems. You will become acquainted with challenging application fields such as medical engineering and robotics. You will be trained to be eligible for leading positions in a company. If you decide to stay in science, you may pursue a PhD thesis as a following step. The professors of the University of Applied Sciences Wedel will support you in this. At the end of your studies, you will be in possession of an advanced set of skills which can be applied to all application domains and you will have obtained specialised knowledge in some selected application domains.

The University of Applied Sciences Wedel has very close contacts to industry, especially in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and Northern Germany. The friends association, the Wedeler Hochschulbund e.V. (WHB), gives you another opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Industrial representatives are integrated into the courses. In the IT Engineering programme, a full module is given by representatives from practice. This guarantees a mutual exchange between science and practice, and our students keep in touch with current trends and challenges.

Course organisation

First semester:

  • Dynamical Systems
  • Distributed Systems
  • Workshop Embedded Systems
  • Security Management
  • Medical Engineering
  • Seminar

Second semester:

  • Algorithmics (elective)
  • Workshop Cryptography (elective)
  • Security Engineering (elective)
  • Business Intelligence (elective)
  • Robotics (elective)
  • Modern Production Methods (elective)
  • Technical Optics (elective)
  • Project

Third semester:
Master's thesis and colloquium

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Types of assessment

Written and oral exams (30%), assessed assignments (20%), reports and presentations (20%), thesis (30%)

A Diploma supplement will be issued
Course-specific, integrated German language courses
Course-specific, integrated English language courses
Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Additional information on tuition fees

Master's studies full-time
Fee per semester for semesters one to three: 2,010 EUR (EU citizens)
Fee per semester for semesters one to three: 2,430 EUR (Non-EU citizens)

Students may study part-time upon request. The fee will thus be reduced by half accordingly.

One-off processing fees to be transferred in advance:

95 EUR (EU citizens)
150 EUR (Non-EU citizens)

Semester contribution
63 EUR (Studentenwerk SH)
Costs of living
Accommodation: 250 to 500 EUR per month
Food: 200 to 300 EUR per month
Other expenses: at least 100 EUR per month
Funding opportunities within the university
Academic admission requirements

The immediate admission criterion for the Master's programme IT Engineering is a qualified Bachelor's degree from a programme in a related field. Applicants should have obtained 210 ECTS credits, which is an equivalent of seven semesters of full studies. If you graduated in a six-semester Bachelor's programme (180 ECTS credits), you need to make up the difference in our Bachelor's courses. For this, we guarantee an offer of 30 ECTS credits given in English. This requires a supplementary semester of studies. But you need not fulfil all admission requirements before you are eligible to take courses from the Master's programme. Instead, you may take the additional courses required from the Bachelor's programme parallel to your Master's courses.
In order to prove that your Bachelor's programme was related to IT Engineering, you must provide at least 80 credits in mathematics, information technology, science, or engineering, of which at least 20 credits must be obtained in software development and at least 20 credits in pure mathematics. Up to 30 credits may be obtained in additional courses from our Bachelor's programmes in order to meet these requirements. This may require an additional semester.

Language requirements

English B2 level with certified proof of equivalence
If the Bachelor's degree was acquired in a programme completely conducted in English, further proof of language proficiency is not necessary.

Application deadline

31 August for the winter semester
28 February for the summer semester

Submit application to

FH Wedel
University of Applied Sciences
Feldstraße 143
22880 Wedel


Students from abroad have several options regarding their accommodation. Depending on whether you prefer living by yourself or sharing an apartment, here are some tips to help you find the right place.

Just like German students, incoming students will have to find their own accommodation. Please take into account that this may take some time and start searching early.

The easiest option is renting a room in the residence hall, which is only about five minutes from campus.

Some students prefer staying in privately rented apartments in Wedel and the north-western suburbs of Hamburg. If you do not live in Wedel, you will need a car or have to use public transportation to get to campus. Public transport within the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is excellent.

When renting private apartments, it is important to note that the rent mentioned in the advert is for the room/flat only. You will additionally have to pay for heating, electricity, telephone, Internet, and other things. Most landlords provide an estimate for these additional costs (the so-called "Nebenkosten"), which you should consider as the lower limit.

Career advisory service

Engineers with dedicated IT skills are highly sought after in the automotive sector, the aerospace industry, medical engineering, automation, and a great variety of other sectors in technological production. Graduates will be able to choose whether they want to be involved in the production of large technological objects such as sea vessels, or small devices such as mobile phones. They can also freely choose the size of their employer - from global corporations to garage shops.

Our practice-oriented study courses and our close ties to industrial practice are the reason for the excellent reputation of our students among job recruiters who recognise that our students are highly qualified, committed, and eligible to take leading positions. In particular, in our Master's programme IT Engineering the practical and application-oriented subjects make up two-thirds of the curriculum.

Specific specialist or non-specialist support for international students and doctoral candidates
  • Welcome event
  • Buddy programme
  • Tutors
  • Accompanying programme

Fachhochschule Wedel University of Applied Sciences

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Spring at University of Applied Sciences Wedel © FH Wedel

The Fachhochschule Wedel University of Applied Sciences is a well-known private university with approximately 1,300 enrolled students. Our institution is located in the Hamburg Metropolitan Area in Northern Germany.

We steadily adopt current developments in the economy and integrate these new standards into the curriculum. This guarantees the excellent quality of our academic programmes, which in turn helps our graduates in finding jobs easily. In fact, 90% of our Bachelor graduates have already signed a job contract by the time they finish their studies.

FH Wedel University of Applied Sciences maintains close connections to multinational companies. The friends association, the Wedeler Hochschulbund e. V. (WHB), assembles more than 200 well-known companies such as AIRBUS, Panasonic or Hapag-Lloyd as members. Co-operations are established via internships, theses and joint development projects. Following their graduation, our students are often employed by the companies in which students have already done internships or their theses.

We aim to provide our students with an education that will yield excellent job and career opportunities once they graduate. For this purpose, our efforts in teaching extend beyond factual and methodical knowledge – we strive for our students to develop the character traits necessary for positions of responsibility in companies, organisations, as well as administrative bodies.

The tuition that we offer comes in interdisciplinary and well-adjusted degree programmes in the fields of informatics, engineering, and business. All teaching strikes a balance between theoretical foundations, current developments, and practical application. As a privately run institution, we can provide a productive environment and a high level of care for each individual student.

The relationship between students, professors, assistants, and any other staff is one of partnership and respect. Independence is valued, as is the ability to work as a team. We benefit from co-operation with universities all over the world and welcome students and staff from foreign countries.

1948 Year in which the university was established
17 Number of laboratories

University location

Wedel is situated in the West of Hamburg and it is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The city of Hamburg is Germany's second largest metropolis with a population of 1.8 million inhabitants. It is one of the sixteen states of Germany and situated in the centre of Northern Germany.

Hamburg is one of the greenest cities in Germany, and with its wide range of cultural events and its extravagant shopping streets the harbour city attracts millions of tourists every year. The many streams, rivers and canals are crossed by some 2,500 bridges, more than London, Amsterdam and Venice combined. As of 2009 there were 100 consulates in Hamburg, a feat only surpassed by New York City and Hong Kong.

Wedel, with its approximately 33,000 inhabitants, is part of the administrative district Pinneberg. The river Elbe plays an important role in Wedel. Many tourists come here to walk along the waterfront.

Wedel has an excellent infrastructure, which is a great advantage for students. The university can be reached by bus or foot from the halls of residence. The shopping facilities can also be easily reached. There are many supermarkets and shops to buy food and all necessities for daily life.

In Wedel, there are many ways to spend your evening. There is a variety of pubs and restaurants. Wedel has two theatres. One of these is a so-called "Theatre-Ship", the "Batavia". The ship also has a pub with frequent jazz and folk concerts. In summer, they run an open-air cinema next to the ship. Outdoor festivals are held in the summer. For example, there is an "oxen-market", a harbour festival, a wine tasting event, and several craft markets.

If you need medical treatment, Wedel has its own hospital, and the university clinics of Hamburg and specialist clinics are not far away. Doctors of all medical specialisations have their surgeries in Wedel.