International Programmes 2023/2024

Research Training Group of the Collaborative Research Centre 1369: Cultures of Vigilance Research Training Group: Cultures of Vigilance

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München • München

Dr phil
Teaching language
  • German
  • English

Courses and work meetings are mainly held in German (80%). Some academic events such as conferences, lectures, etc. are organised in English (20%). Participants can choose to write the PhD dissertation in another language (e.g., French, English, or Italian).

Full-time / part-time
  • full-time
Mode of study
Fully on-site with voluntary online elements
Programme duration
8 semesters
Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Combined Master's degree / PhD programme
Joint degree / double degree programme

The CRC 1369 “Cultures of Vigilance” aims to research the historical and cultural foundations of vigilance. Within this context, “vigilance” refers to a linking of individual attentiveness to goals set by others. This linking occurs on an everyday basis, be it in the realm of public security, religion, law, or the healthcare sector. It happens wherever and whenever we are asked to pay attention to something specific and, if necessary, also to react to, or report anything we have noticed in a specific way. The CRC’s goal is to analyse the history, cultural variations and current forms of this phenomenon. Subdivided into three interdisciplinary research areas (transformations, spaces, and practices), the CRC includes 18 research projects as well as a research training group. The researchers stem from different faculties and academic fields, which include history, law, criminology, ethnology, history of medicine, medieval and modern literature, Japanese studies and Italian studies. 

The research training group (Graduiertenkolleg) offers visiting fellowships (three to six months) for PhD students from Germany and abroad every year.

Additional support is offered by the GraduateCenter.

A Diploma supplement will be issued
International elements
  • International guest lecturers
  • Integrated study abroad unit(s)
  • Specialist literature in other languages
  • Language training provided
  • Courses are led with foreign partners
  • International comparisons and thematic reference to the international context
  • Content-related regional focus
Integrated study abroad unit(s)

One semester to one year can be spent at one of our partner universities abroad on a voluntary basis.

Integrated internships


Teaching/work obligations or opportunities

No teaching obligation

Special promotion / funding of the programme
  • DFG (e.g. Research Training Groups)
Course-specific, integrated German language courses
Course-specific, integrated English language courses
Pace of course
Self-paced (Material is always available and students progress at their own speed)
Phase(s) of attendance in Germany (applies to the entire programme)
Yes, compulsory
Types of online learning elements
  • Blogs
  • Chats (with lecturers and other students)
  • Message Boards
  • Online sessions
  • Online tutorials
  • Podcasts
  • Video learning (Pre-recorded videos, Vlogs, Video-Podcasts)
Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Semester contribution

Basic fee of 75 EUR + additional fee for the Deutschlandticket

Costs of living

Living costs (including accommodation and health insurance) in Munich range from 1,000 to 1,200 EUR per month at a minimum.

Funding opportunities within the university
Description of the above-mentioned funding opportunities within the university

LMU Travel Grant, LMU Completion Grant

Academic admission requirements

Master's degree (or equivalent degree)

Language requirements


Submit application to

Dr Alina Enzensberger
Sonderforschungsbereich 1369 "Vigilanzkulturen"
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München


The International Office helps visiting academics, PhD students, and postdocs who are travelling to Munich for a set period of time to find accommodation.

For further information, please visit the following link:

Rooms in shared flats are popular on the private market priced at 500-800 EUR per month at least if located in central parts of Munich.

Structured research and supervision
Research training / discussion
Career advisory service

Career counselling

Support for international students and doctoral candidates
  • Accompanying programme

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