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European Construction Management European Construction Management

htw saar - University of Applied Sciences • Saarbrücken

Bachelor of Science
In cooperation with

Université de Lorraine
University of Luxembourg

Teaching language
  • German
  • French

The programme is taught in German and French.

Full-time / part-time
  • full-time
Programme duration
7 semesters
Winter semester
Application deadline

31 May

Please note: Before applying to the university, you need to first apply to receive your VPD via uni-assist. You can do so throughout the year, but it takes at least six weeks to receive your VPD from uni-assist. So in order to meet the university application deadlines, you will need to apply for your VPD as early as possible.

Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Joint degree / double degree programme

The construction industry is booming. As a result, the industry is desperately seeking specialists who can plan, manage and see construction projects through to completion. This need exists in almost all industrialised nations of the world as well as in many other countries. That's why the European Construction Management degree course at the Franco-German Institute of Technology, Economics and Science provides the perfect foundation for a career in this sought-after industry.

In the BSc course, students can combine their penchant for technology and business with the French language and an international environment. In their future careers, students will need coordination skills and the ability to take account of cultural differences in their working methods and approaches. It is precisely this sense of culture, language and communication that the Franco-German Institute of Technology, Economics and Science imparts to students in addition to the important construction expertise acquired in the European Construction Management degree course.

Students will consistently develop their international competences in two semesters in France and two semesters in Luxembourg. Of course, everything revolves around the building itself: who creates the concept of the building? What planning tasks are involved and who carries them out? Who ensures that a structure functions in accordance with its intended use? How does one keep track of general conditions such as costs, deadlines or the client’s requirements? These are questions that our course of study equips graduates, as engineers, to answer with ease in their future professional lives.

Depending on the client and the location of the building, the profession of civil engineer with a focus on management will be very diverse in the future. Graduates will be able to work for construction companies, planning offices with a focus on project management, investors, real estate companies, large industrial companies or public institutions, for example.

Course organisation
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A Diploma supplement will be issued
International elements
  • International guest lecturers
  • Integrated study abroad unit(s)
  • Language training provided
  • Training in intercultural skills
  • Study trips
Integrated study abroad unit(s)

First year

Students will spend the first year (first and second semesters) of the course of study in Metz (France) at the Université de Lorraine.

Second year

The second year (third and fourth semesters) takes place in Luxembourg at the University of Luxembourg.

Third year

In the fifth semester, students complete an internship. The sixth and seventh semesters take place in Saarbrücken (Germany) at the htw saar.

Integrated internships

Students complete an internship at a company of their choice in the middle of their studies, i.e. in the fifth semester. The company must not be in the country of their mother tongue.

Special promotion / funding of the programme
  • Other (e.g. state level)
Course-specific, integrated German language courses
Course-specific, integrated English language courses
Tuition fees per semester in EUR
Semester contribution

Université de Lorraine

The registration fee for a Bachelor's degree is 170 EUR. There is also a student and campus life contribution of 92 EUR.

htw saar

Although studies begin at the Université de Lorraine in Metz, all first-year students must also enrol at the htw saar. Registration at the htw saar is free of charge. You will, however, have to pay a re-registration fee of 292 EUR in the second year.

Costs of living

Approximately 1,000 EUR per month to cover personal expenses

This amount includes estimated costs for accommodation, food, leisure activities, books and study equipment, semester fees and health insurance charges.

Funding opportunities within the university
Academic admission requirements

For detailed information regarding the academic admission requirements, click on this link.

Language requirements
  • English A2
  • French B2
  • German C1
Application deadline

31 May

Please note: Before applying to the university, you need to first apply to receive your VPD via uni-assist. You can do so throughout the year, but it takes at least six weeks to receive your VPD from uni-assist. So in order to meet the university application deadlines, you will need to apply for your VPD as early as possible.

Submit application to

International applicants must first apply online via uni-assist to receive the necessary VPD (preliminary review documentation). After receiving your VPD from uni-assist, please apply directly to htw saar at: application procedure.

Possibility of finding part-time employment

At htw saar, we provide you with information, advice and support on how to find the perfect part-time job either on or off campus. In Saarbrücken, you will be able to find numerous part-time job opportunities for students. Depending on what type of job you are looking for, you may work as an academic assistant at htw saar, or you might prefer to work in a restaurant or a store in town.

For non-EU nationals, depending on their visa/residence permit status, restrictions on the amount of work they are allowed to do in addition to their studies may apply.

For more information, please refer to


htw saar doesn't run its own student dormitories, but the International Office at htw saar will gladly assist you in finding your new home away from home. Just write an e-mail to Compared to many other German cities, Saarbrücken offers fairly affordable housing for students. So get ready to start apartment hunting on the private rental market!

Independently owned and run dormitories / student residence halls

These student residence halls mostly offer furnished rooms and single or double apartments. To get a place in these residences, you need to apply directly to their respective administrations:

The Carl Duisberg House: Das Carl Duisberg Haus
Student Housing of ESG: Wohnheim der ESG
The Cusanus House: Das Cusanushaus
Apartments of the SBT: Wohnungen des SBT
Apartments of WOGE Saar: Wohngesellschaft Saar

Private accommodation

On these virtual blackboards, you can find offers for shared apartments ("Wohngemeinschaften" or WG) and private accommodation. You can also post your "housing wanted ad" there:

Further links to accommodation providers (usually single apartments) in Saarbrücken:

Ads in local newspaper:

Saarbrücker Zeitung:

Université de Lorraine Metz

Université de Lorraine reserves a certain number of spaces in student residences. Find more information at this link.

We also recommend the following website:

Specific specialist or non-specialist support for international students and doctoral candidates
  • Welcome event
  • Buddy programme
  • Cultural and linguistic preparation

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