Features of the CHE University Ranking

Help for the choice of your study

From the CHE University Ranking you can get important information for the choice of the right subject and the right university for you.

There are several possibilites to make use of the ranking: You start into the ranking by selecting a subject and a type of degree. Subsequently you will get to the tabular view which lists all universities offering this subject. On the basis of some preselected criteria you can see how they performed within the ranking.

In the graphical view you can find the universities which performed best within the criteria in the middle of the chart. By changing the criteria some universities will move towards the centre of the graphic while others are heading to the edge. You can easily change criteria through clicking. By clicking on the name of the university you are forwarded to the departments where more criteria and further information is published.

If you start via "subjects within the ranking" you will get to the portrait of the chosen subject. Here you will find specific information about the subject and you can get started with the tabular view of the ranking.

Another possibility to get into the Ranking is to choose UNIVERSITY TOWNS. By selecting a certain university town you can find interesting facts about the town, for example how many students live in a student dormitory. With a few clicks you get to detailed information about the universities, departments and study-programmes.

Individualized rankings

A special way of finding the right university for you is the comparison, which can be used for all subjects. With the comparison you can compare departments from universities and universities of applied science with each other and decide for yourself, which one fits your needs best.

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