Language and Short Courses 2021/2022

Berlin Intensive: Business German Course Berlin Intensive: Business German Course

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau • Berlin

Course location
In cooperation with

Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e. V. (IIK) in Berlin and Düsseldorf

Teaching language
  • German
Language level of course
  • German: B2, C1
Target group

Qualified academics and professionals who want to study or work in Germany


We offer a range of thematic business language training on different levels in international groups. The programme includes reading and listening comprehension using authentic (business) materials, business-oriented regional studies, and business vocabulary. We also enhance speaking and writing skills, including training for discussions, presentation techniques, and professional communication situations.
Topics include the following: business fundamentals, human resources (job applications, interviews, etc.), marketing, business correspondence (business letters, telephoning), international business communication, and much more.
The final examination is an internal business German proficiency examination. The WiDaF Certificate (Business German as a Foreign Language Certificate) is an additional option.
In total, there are approx. 100 lesson hours. (One lesson lasts 45 minutes.)
There are approx. 16 participants per course (maximum 25).

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Average number of hours per week
Average number of participants per group/course
ECTS points (max.)
Dates and costs
  • May 30 - June 24, 2022 (Registration deadline of course provider: May 30, 2022), costs: EUR 550
  • July 04 - July 29, 2022 (Registration deadline of course provider: July 04, 2022), costs: EUR 550
    DAAD-HSK scholarship information and application (application deadline: December 01, 2021)
    Reference number HSK-1392a
  • August 02 - August 29, 2022 (Registration deadline of course provider: August 02, 2022), costs: EUR 550
    DAAD-HSK scholarship information and application (application deadline: December 01, 2021)
    Reference number HSK-1392b
  • September 02 - September 28, 2022 (Registration deadline of course provider: September 02, 2022), costs: EUR 550
    DAAD-HSK scholarship information and application (application deadline: December 01, 2021)
    Reference number HSK-1392c
This price includes
  • Course fees
  • Accompanying programme
Funding: application for DAAD-HSK scholarship

For this course DAAD university summer course scholarships (usually starting at language level B1) are available. If you wish to apply for this course, you can find all necessary information about the scholarship programme and its application requirements here. To submit your application, please note the HSK-reference number listed below the course date of your choice (category „dates and costs“). This number can only be used for presence courses. Applying for attending online courses is not possible.

Teaching language
  • German
Language level of course
  • German: B2, C1
Language requirements

The topics of this course require a minimum German language level of B2. If a student's placement test does not show this level, the student may be placed in a general German language course of the same duration that better corresponds to his or her level. Additionally, he or she may participate in all the excursions to companies arranged for the Business German Course.

Submit application to

Technische Hochschule Wildau
c/o Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e. V.
Oudenarder Str. 16
13347 Berlin

Is accommodation organised?
Accommodation is arranged by the organiser.
Type of accommodation

Single room (host family or shared flat): 540 EUR for four weeks (subject to availability)
Double room (host family or shared flat): 395 EUR for four weeks per person (subject to availability)

Date of arrival: one day before course starts
Date of departure: one day after end of course


Meals are not included in the cost of the programme. You will need approx. 10 EUR per day for three meals per day.

Is a social and leisure programme offered?
Description of social and leisure programme

Join us and participants from around the world in our exclusive leisure time programme and experience culture, sports, parties, and pub nights. We also offer numerous excursions, for example, to Potsdam, Hamburg, or Leipzig (excursions cost from 5 to 50 EUR).

Free internet access
Support in visa matters
Pick-up service from train station/airport

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau


The Technische Hochschule Wildau (TH Wildau) is a young campus university located south of Berlin with a strong focus on the future and on practical studies. It was founded in 1991 and is by now the largest university of applied sciences in the state of Brandenburg. On a modern and compact campus with a direct rail connection to Berlin, aspiring academics enjoy an ideal environment for their studies in a range of disciplines covering the natural sciences, engineering, economics, law, business administration and management.

The Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V. (IIK) is a non-profit organisation located in Berlin (and Düsseldorf) that promotes international exchange. The IIK's focus lies on developing participants' languages skills for either academic or professional purposes.


  • Interactive whiteboards
  • iPads and apps used in class
  • Additional e-learning options with IIK's Moodle platform
  • Fast & free Wi-Fi access for all students


  • Individual placement tests
  • Quick learning pace & regular tests
  • 10 course levels (A1 – C1)
  • Multinational groups
  • Globally recognised exams & certificates
  • Free additional services, e.g. individual homework assistance


  • With German as their native language
  • With university degrees & GFL qualification
  • With professional teaching experience


  • Professional support with visa applications
  • Diverse cultural & recreational programme
  • Organised accommodation if requested
  • Service packages (breakfast + one main meal Monday to Friday, public transportation ticket, two excursions, pick-up service)
  • Study counselling and placement service
  • Enrolment in a low-priced health insurance if requested
  • Access to university libraries & cafeterias

University location


TH Wildau is a campus university. The teaching and administration buildings, dining room, and library are all located on an interconnected site by the Wildau S-Bahn train station, with direct access to Berlin. Therefore, studying in Wildau is exceptionally convenient because you don’t have any long journeys between classes.

The campus is located on a historic industrial and manufacturing site. Where once locomotives were built in vast production halls, today people study, teach, and research. Some of the teaching and laboratory facilities of the TH Wildau are housed within these historic walls, while others are housed in new buildings. This extraordinary mix of old and new continues to attract students and visitors with a passion for architecture.


As the multicultural capital city with 3.5 million inhabitants, Berlin stands out not only as the centre of German politics but also as a world-renowned hub of culture, complex historic events, fashion, clubbing, and creativity. Berlin is home to numerous secondary schools and educational institutions, making it the perfect city in which to live and study.

German courses take place in Berlin Mitte, the central district of the city. The classrooms are located in the former factory complex that used to house Osram, a German company famous for all kinds of light bulbs. Around the historic building, you will find a vibrant neighbourhood with numerous cafés and restaurants where you can eat good and cheap meals.

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