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EU project SHARE: DAAD expertise for Southeast Asia

DAAD/Thomas Pankau

Initiated in 2015 and receiving ten million euros worth of European Union funding up until the beginning of 2019, the project SHARE aims to support harmonisation of the Southeast Asian higher education area – a second project phase is conceivable. An interview with DAAD experts Michael Hörig, Head of the Strategic Planning Division, and Marc Wilde, Head of the Section for Higher Education Management in Development Cooperation.


Building bridges between Germany and Southeast Asia

DAAD/Wolfgang Hübner-Stauf

What approaches exist for collaboration between higher education institutions and research institutes in Germany and Southeast Asia? This and other questions were the focus of the first study tour organised by the DAAD in cooperation with its Southeast Asian partner SEAMEO RIHED.


SHARE: United for Southeast Asian Higher Education


Harmonising the Southeast Asian Higher Education space based on the experience of the European „Bologna Process“: Marc Wilde, DAAD expert for Higher Education management, talks about SHARE (European Union Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region), explains the relevance of Quality Assurance and sketches the characteristics of cooperation with the ASEAN partners.