Germany? “Very good!”


The British Council's latest study, entitled “The Shape of Global Higher Education: International Comparisons with Europe” compared the national regulatory frameworks and higher education internationalisation results of 20 countries and showed that Germany performs very well in this respect. Michael Peak, Head of Higher Education Systems Research at the British Council, explains this conclusion from the German perspective.


“Providing support, advice and analysis – that is the brand essence of the DAAD”

Johannes Ratermann

Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee took office as president of the DAAD in January 2020. In addition to promoting academic exchange, he sees the core tasks of the DAAD as providing advice to the higher education sector and serving as a think tank for internationalisation. In the following interview, he explains why studying abroad in virtual space could be an important topic in the future and why universities will have to assume more responsibility in countering anti-scientific worldviews.


European Universities for greater cohesion in Europe

DAAD/Michael Jordan

The EU Commission’s European Universities Initiative is designed to promote excellence, innovation and inclusion in higher education across Europe. 15 German universities are partners in the higher education networks selected in the first pilot call for proposals, among them Freie Universität Berlin and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. The DAAD is moreover supporting the German higher education institutions with an accompanying national programme in the pilot phase.


“The big challenges facing society can only be solved through international cooperation”

DAAD/Thilo Vogel

The keyword “Third Mission” is doing the rounds. The argument is that, in addition to research and teaching, universities have a social responsibility for society. The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is currently investigating how universities can take this responsibility into account in their internationalisation initiatives. General Secretary Dr. Dorothea Rüland and Director of Studies Uwe Brandenburg, PhD., talk about the contents and aims of the study.


Strengthening the labour market-oriented and employability approach of HEIs in Africa - Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa (EpU)


Starting in 2018, the DAAD supports labour market and employability orientation of HEIs in Africa – “Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa” (EpU).